Girls Who Code Arlington

Our Members:

Our inspiring members now have the coding skills to change the world in computer science!

I like math, programming, art, and reading. Especially math and reading.

I am a girl who loves to play sports, spend time with her family, loves pets and loves spending time with her friends.

I am a math oriented girl who enjoys reading and playing with my friends. I am also the Lordess of the Milky Way (appointed by Anya). Make sure to check out our websites! (Lone Mitten is the best!) 😉

I am the Queen of the Multiverse and you all should bow to me, because you enjoy your planet very much. I myself, enjoy videogames, minecraft soap operas, and ruling multiple universes. Kya!~

I like playing soccer and running

Maria :
I am part of this club and I like to code. Though I also play soccer and read in my past time.

Gracie :
I'm a person that loves sports. I also like going to different places.

I am a friendly girl who likes to read and write stories!

I like gymnastics and writing. My sister, my friend and I are going to publish a book we are writing, called Triplet Flower. The book is about triplets who are born on the moon and are orphaned, then they have this crazy adventure to find their perfect parents. I also like singing, playing the piano, and playing with my friends and family.

I like art and reading

I like coding, traveling, and science!

I like musicals, math, reading, cooking, and coding.